Here you can find our quick help section where we have answers to all the frequently asked questions, this section should reduce the need for you to contact us. If you have a more specific question please Contact us

All attendees must be ages 18 years or over.

No, we do not send out physical tickets, we work form a guest list. Upon receiving your booking your name will be added to our guest list. If you are booking for somebody else please email us their name and email address.

You must contact us via email or by phone as soon as possible, even if it is the day of the event. Your name will need to be removed from our guests list so our team are not waiting for you. As per out terms & conditions. event if you cannot attend for any reason. you will not be offered a refund or transfer of places.

We do not offer refunds if you cannot attend your chosen event for any reason. It is entirely your responsibility at the time of booking to ensure you can make your chosen event. One you place your booking, your place(s) are removed from public sales. We have a commitment to pay the venue for your place(s) prior to the event and we cannot recover this recoup this payment form the venue.

All deposits are non refundable, When you book with a deposit the places are instantly removed from sale, we cannot guarantee that we can resell you place(s) and we still have a commitment to pay the venue for your place(s) if you cannot attend.

Yes, you can transfer your place(s) to a third party, they must contact us to agree to our terms and conditions, we also need their names and email addresses before they attend the event. If this isn’t done before the event they will not be able to gain access to the event.

No, Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate date changes.   

If you would like to leave the event early you mush speak to one of our team members. You will be asked to leave at a convenient time either at one of the break times or in between the group activities. This is to keep disruption to the event to a minimum as car parks may need to be unlocked. If you know you need to leave early upon arrival please let a team member know as we may ask you park in an alternative space so it is easy for you to leave early. It is important you let our team know if you need to leave as they will need to sign you out on the fire register.

There are toilet facilities at the venues we use and are generally of a high standard, however some of the venues we use are abandoned buildings therefore toilet facilities can be of a poor standard, so please bring along your own hand sanitiser to our events for your own personal use.

Please bring along a torch as you we will be working in the dark, we do advise against head torches as these can blind other guests and may cause and accidentYou are also free to bring along your own paranormal equipment if you wish, however it is your responsibility to take care of your own equipment, we cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to your equipment. During group vigils you may be asked to turn off your equipment if it is causing any interference.

You must notify us as soon as possible, if you will be pregnant during the event, we will offer you advice. If it agreeable that you should not attend we will apply a credit to your Haunted Adventures booking account for you to use at a later date.

We advise you to wear warm layered clothing, as some of the venues we use are heated but others are abandoned /old buildings and do not have any heating. You MUST also wear flat gripped footwear.

If your event is postponed under the direction of the government or local authorities due to coronavirus we will contact you by email as soon as possible. You will be offered a transfer to an alternative date, if the alternative date is not suitable we will offer you a transfer to an alternative event entirely, however if there is a difference in price you must pay the extra or of the alternative event is cheaper in price no refund of the difference will be offered. If any of the alternatives are not suitable we will credit your Haunted Adventures booking account with any monies you have paid to use at a later date. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN, it is important you read our T’s & C’s before agreeing and booking.

You must follow government guidance and self isolate and let us know you will not be attending the event. You are still subject to our usual terms and conditions therefore no refunds will be given.

Join Waitlist For This Event We will inform you if any places become available to book or if any new dates are released . Please leave your valid email address below including how many places you require.
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