Walton Hall

Walton Hall, Warrington, Cheshire


he majestic and haunted Walton Hall stands in the grounds of a large country park in the beautiful Cheshire countryside. Built in 1836-38, the hall is a grade II listed building with an abundance of history. The house was a family home for many years and saw many people come and go as one by one the family members passed away.

There are a number of spirits known to haunt the hall including former lords and ladies, household staff and even the spirits of children are known to be heard and sometimes seen playing around the hall. There are countless sightings of one particular spirit in the area of the staircase, and some people have even reported being pushed down the stairs by unseen hands.

There are rooms within the hall, which current day staff are fearful to enter alone due to the overwhelming sense of being watched and followed. Some staff have even witnessed objects moving in these areas.

If you are looking for a true paranormal encounter, then Walton Hall is the place for you. Will you dare to join us as we investigate this truly haunted location.

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