Stanley Palace

Stanley Palace is a grade two listed building located in Chester, Cheshire the house was built in 1591 on the site of a former Friary. It was built as a townhouse for a local lawyer and member of parliament. in 1621 the house was inherited by the owner’s daughter, she married Sir Thomas Stanley who gave his name to the house.

Part of the house was demolished and the southwest wing was rebuilt in the early 18th century. The house ceased as a mansion and by the early 19th century it had been divided into two apartments and the condition of the building was deteriorating. In 1865 the building was bought by Chester Archeological society and in the 1870s housed a boys school.

The building was sold in 1889 and in the early 1920s contained a museum. In 1928 the building was given to Chester corporation and in 1935 the north wing was rebuilt.

It’s not surprising that paranormal activity is a regular occurrence here with so much history contained within the walls of the building. Full apparitions have been witnessed here especially in the hallway and on the staircase, disembodied voices, loud footsteps, people being touched by unseen hands has all been witnessed by visitors and staff.

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