St Johns House

St Johns House, Warwickshire

St Johns House is a Jacobean mansion located in the historic town of Warwick, the building has a history spanning almost 900 years. The land on which it stands was originally used as a hospital in the 12th century.

The current house has been used as a private residence, a school and administrative offices of the War Department.

Latterly the building was bought by Warwickshire County Council and turned into a museum, which opened to the public in 1960.

St John’s House has had many uses over the years its not surprising why there are so many reports of paranormal activity, the sounds of children’s laughter, footsteps and ghostly figures lurking in the corridors.

Will you meet the spirits of the two sisters who  in their attempt to drive you away the historic Jacobean Mansion? It is thought the two sisters met tragic ends at the house.

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