Scolton Manor Ghost Hunts

Scolton Manor as it stands today is a victorian manor house completed in 1842. Scolton Manor is nestled in the scolton estate, the estate its self was owned by the Higgons family since the late Elizabethan era. The  Scolton and Higgon stories are closely linked from the time of Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth onwards. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the family was forced away for an uncertain number of decades after a catastrophic fire destroyed the old house. But by the 1830s James Higgon had put in motion plans to return to Scolton, and early in the next decade were completed the manor, stable block and walled garden that still stand today. From then on the family, house and estate were at the heart of the social and economic life of the area. Scolton’s need for staff made it the region’s chief employer and a local hub; successive generations of Higgons produced three Sheriffs of Pembrokeshire, as well as heroes of both World Wars; and the house itself served as a convalescent hospital for servicemen during the Second World War. 

From devastaing fires to alleged illegitimate children, there is so much history associated with this old manor house, there is no surprise that there are stories of spooky goings on, from objects moving of their own accord, singing coming from empty rooms along with dark figures that have been seen on many occasions by staff and visitors alike. Could the Higgon family be causing these hauntings? Join us for a night of intense ghost hunting to see if you can uncover the story behind who or what haunts Scolton Manor.

  • Work in smaller and more personal groups
  • Take part in a variety of activities such as Seances and more
  • Access to ghost hunting equipment such as K-II, trigger objects, ghost meters, EDI’s etc.
  • Opportunities to conduct lone vigils for those feeling brave
  • A friendly and experienced team of investigators offering help and advice throughout the night
  • Qualified first aider present
  • Tea, coffee, cordial  and biscuits included in the cost

Tea, coffee, juices and light snacks provided during this event at the scheduled break times, to help the environment we ask you bring your own travel mugs for your drinks.

Parking Near / onsite

Arrival is 15 minutes before the event start time, early admittance is not permitted.

Further information will be sent to all attendees via email 5 Days before the event.

On some events we offer a deposit option, where this option is available you can book with a non-refundable deposit by booking with a deposit you agree to paying any outstanding balance one month prior to the event. Or you can pay in full at the time booking.

Where you choose to pay with paypal , you can choose paypal pay in 3. where you can spread the cost of your booking in 3 installments see paypal for more details.

Not suitable for wheelchair users. 

For people with walking difficulties or mobility issues please contact us before booking.

All attendees must be aged 18 years or over 

Not suitable for pregnant ladies 

Flat gripped footwear must be worn no heels.

Please read terms and conditions before placing your booking. You will be required to agree to these before placing your booking. Read terms & Conditions

Availability & Prices

Thursday 31st October 2024

9pm – 2am

£45.00 per person

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