Mill Street Barracks

Mill Street Barracks, St Helens Merseyside

St Helens Barracks were built in 1861 in St Helens, Merseyside and has broad history including military and local. The Barracks have been used as accommodation for the armed forces throughout many wars. Mill Street Barracks has also had use as a morgue during both world wars.

Reports of long lost soldiers have been seen walking the corridors and the main hall area of the building as well as documented poltergeist activity along with apparitions of nurses and nuns. There is also a very friendly spirit which has particular affection towards the ladies and has manifested itself on many occasions. 

Will you dare to join Haunted Adventures on this thrilling ghost hunt as we search for spirits and poltergeist activity in the dark cellars, the upper floors, bedroom areas and classrooms as well as on the steep staircases in the building. 

There are plenty of spirits within the barracks building, however there are three main spirits which you are likely to discover here. What will you uncover on the night? 

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