Falstaff Ghost Hunt, Stratford Upon Avon, Saturday 23rd April 2022


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Although mostly associated with William Shakespeare, Stratford Upon Avon is also famous for having the UK’s second most haunted location which is the Falstaff building. Home to over 40 spirits you are more then likely to meet 1 or 2 of them.

The Falstaff building has stood on the same ground for almost 1000 years which would give reason to there being so many spirits within its walls. Falstaff’s has a very long history and has close connections to the plague and the civil war and it is rumoured that the great Shakespeare himself even walked the cobbles which surround the building.

One of the spirits who likes to make himself known is that of a young boy who is known to be a jewel thief and will take visitors jewellery from them. There are reports of a hooded figure who watches intensely as people enter and leave the building as if he is looking for someone in particular, could it be you?

For the brave, we strongly recommend going to the upper floors of the building as here you will find the spirit of a known serial killer who likes to make his presence known by his loud footsteps, whispering in peoples ears and has at times been know to get a little physical.

Whats Included:

Take part in a variety of activities such as Ouija Boards, Table Tipping, Glass Divination, Seances and more
Access to ghost hunting equipment such as K-II, trigger objects, ghost meters, EDI’s etc.
Opportunities to conduct lone vigils for those feeling brave
A friendly and experienced team of investigators offering help and advice throughout the night
Qualified first aider present

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