Armley Mills Ghost Hunt, Leeds, Saturday 24th September 2022


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About Armley Mills (Satanic Mills of Armley)

Armley Mills is located in Leeds, Yorkshire, The earliest record of Armley Mills dates from the middle of the sixteenth century when local clothier Richard Booth leased ‘Armley Millnes’ from Henry Saville. A document of 1707 describes them as fulling mills. In 1788 the mills were expanded were equipped with five waterwheels driving eighteen fulling stocks. Fulling was a necessary but dirty process where woven wool is felted. The bundles of cloth are hit repeatedly by large hammers, the fulling stocks, while soaked in water, urine and a clay known as Fuller’s earth. The urine which is a source of ammonia was collected from neighbouring houses, who specially saved it for the purpose.

In 1788 the mills were expanded into the worlds largest woolen mill, In 1804/1805 the mills were sold but burnt down. The early mills were fire hazards, the fibres in the air igniting and setting fire to the flammable structure. Gott rebuilt the mill using fireproof principles: the mill structure survives and it is this structure that has achieved a grade II* listing

By 1907 part of the mill had been let out to tenants . The woollen clothing manufacturers Bentley and Tempest took over the mill. The mill then closed its doors in 1971, a victim to the changing technology, loss of market and the prevailing economic conditions. It was sold to Leeds City Council who re-opened it as a museum of industry in 1982.

Many who worked here were subject to very harsh living and working conditions and some lost their lives here.

This may explain why Armley Mills is rife with unexplained going on  and is well known for being extremely haunted.  Many visitors have experienced many spooky goings on at this location, some have reported seeing full apparitions and upon investigating have vanished, there are reports of dark shadows moving around many areas of the building  including disembodied voices along with the sounds of heavy footsteps.

Many report smelling burning in the parts of the building including the smell of old tobacco smoke. What will you discover on your haunted adventure at this truly haunted building as we give you exclusive access until the early hours.

What’s included:

  • Work in smaller and more personal groups
  • Take part in a variety of activities such as Seances and more
  • Access to ghost hunting equipment such as K-II, trigger objects, ghost meters, EDI’s etc.
  • Opportunities to conduct lone vigils for those feeling brave
  • A friendly and experienced team of investigators offering help and advice throughout the night
  • Qualified first aider present
  • Tea, coffee, cordial  and biscuits included in the cost


Date: Saturday 24th September 2022

Time: 8.30pm – 1.30am (Arrival 8.15pm)

Location: Canal Road, Leeds, LS12 2QF – Get Directions

Parking and arrival instructions will be sent to all guests via email one week prior to the event.

Tea, coffee, cordial and biscuits available and included in the cost.

On events that are priced at £40 or above we offer a non refundable deposit option of £20 per person and the remaining due one month prior to the event.

The easiest & simplest way to book is online via our website, however if you are having problems with our website or would prefer to book over the phone please call our office on 0330 122 0063. Please note calls will only be answered during office hours.

When booking using the deposit option you agree to pay any outstanding balance one month prior to the event.

All prices are subject to change, without any notice given.

Please read all our terms and conditions before booking.

Please read our booking terms and conditions before placing your booking Read terms & conditions

Directions to Armley Mills

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