30 East Drive, Thurs 4th Nov 2021


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Date: Thursday 4th November 2021

Time: 10:00pm – 02:30am

Location: 30 East Drive,Pontefract,West Yorkshire,WF8 2AN-Get Directions

Optional Sleepover Available

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MaWill you dare to enter the infamous poltergeist house that is 30 East Drive in Pontefract, West Yorkshire?

When the Pritchard family moved into this unassuming house in 1966 they thought they had found their dream home, that was until the poltergeist now known as ‘Fred’ started to target the family with strange and unexplainable events which over the years grew increasingly frightening and violent.

As documented in the film based on the events which took place in the house, ‘when the lights went out’, Fred aimed his most aggressive and terrifying attacks at the Pritchard’s young children, Phillip and Diane.

With activity in abundance at this location, we can honestly say that all the times we have visited, we have never left disappointed. Objects get moved, doors close, doors open, foot steps are heard, figures are seen walking the stairs and landing and apparitions are often captured on camera in the mirror at the bottom of the stairs and things are thrown around the house. Most recently in a fit of temper, Fred trashed Diane’s bedroom. Who will be brave enough to do a lone vigil in the completely dark, cold and frightening coal house?

A highly recommended location for a ghost hunt. Who will you find lurking behind a door or in one of the bedrooms?


Whats Included:

  • Work in small and more personal groups
  • Take part in a variety of activities including table tipping and glass divination
  • Access to ghost hunting equipment such as K-II devices, trigger objects and ghost meters
  • Opportunities to conduct lone vigils (for those feeling brave enough)
  • Hot and cold drinks and light snacks provided throughout the night and included in the cost
  • A friendly and experienced team of investigators offering support and advise throughout the night
  • Access to all areas of the house
  • Qualified first aider present
  • Fully insured ghost hunt event
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